Closing the Bones

A nurturing, abdominal massage honouring your wombspace ~ £50

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Together, we take time to acknowledge the work your body did in creating, growing and birthing your baby.  Many women find that they feel ‘open’ following their baby’s birth and this is because as women, our pelvis does open somewhat during pregnancy and then more so during labour and birth.  This ‘closing’ massage is not only physical – encouraging the hips to ‘close’, but it can be an emotional, and sometimes spiritual, journey – a returning to or re-finding yourself.  More info on Closing the Bones massage here…

This treatment was just lovely and it was a wonderfully relaxing time for myself to reflect too. A week on, I am sure the tension in my lower back is greatly reduced. I used to wake up regularly with stiffness and discomfort and that hasn’t happened at all since the massage.