Birth Reflections

Restoring ~ Establishing ~ Regaining Confidence in Birth ~ £75
Empowering women and their birth partners to birth again – an opportunity to reflect on a previous birth experience in a safe and ‘held’ environment exploring feelings then and now.

Birth for some women is not the empowering experience it can be.  Some women remember feeling distressed in labour, unsupported or like they were not in control.  Some women are left with feelings of dread for a future birth experience.  Some birth partners may have found the experience distressing or traumatic and may also carry negative feelings. Women or couples in this situation often need space to express their thoughts and feelings and to be heard in a safe environment.  This can sometimes be the first opportunity you have had to discuss in any depth how the experience affected you both. This session provides the opportunity to better understand what happened during your previous birth experience and promotes a sense of closure.

A friend introduced me to Lisa, a local doula.  We bravely asked her to come over and help us.  It was the best decision we made in this pregnancy. We processed our first baby’s birth, learned things about each other and how we both felt and then were able to focus on our options for the next birth. Lisa’s help was invaluable. If you have had a traumatic birth experience I would urge you to get this sort of help, either on your own or as a couple.