Postnatal Doula Support

A calm start to life as a family ~ £500

Having a doula at such a special time in your life allows you space to get to know your new baby in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  I care for you for twenty hours, usually used in 3 hour slots, from the time you ask me to begin – often sometime soon after your baby’s birth.  I might be the right doula to support you with your new baby if you are looking for:

  • Someone to tell you you’re doing greatmum
  • Someone to help you catch up on sleep
  • Someone to make sure you’ve eaten a healthy meal
  • Someone to make sure you’re getting fresh air
  • Someone to care for baby while you grab a shower
  • Someone to support your feeding choices
  • Someone to show you how to change and bathe your baby
  • Someone to offer ideas and techniques for calming your baby
  • Someone to listen to your ideas and strategies for sleep and routines
  • Someone to encourage you to trust your instincts as a new mummy
  • Someone to come with you to appointments
  • Someone to put a load of washing on, unload the dishwasher, iron shirts
  • Someone to care for any older children

Having Lisa come to us as a postnatal doula was much needed bliss.  I could rest, take a bath, spend quality time with my baby and with my toddler.  It meant that instead of being frazzled and exhausted by the end of the day, we were all rested and happy, I was a better mum to both my children and the house was tidy and clean.