Celebrate your journey to motherhood with the women who surround you ~ £75

stonesA blessingway acknowledges the special journey a woman takes to motherhood.  A little like a baby shower, a blessingway is a gathering of your close, female friends to acknowledge you and your changing role in life.  The aim of the ceremony is to encourage her to find and embrace her inner strength and her intuition as she approaches the birth of her baby.

This private session provides a calm and reflective space to consider your journey and have those who care for you show their support.  The blessingway is tailored to you but can include poetry, prayer, art, story-telling and cake-sharing.

I’m really glad I had a blessingway.  It had much more substance than the usual baby shower and was a wonderful experience to share with the important women in my life.  Once I had decided what elements I wanted to include in my blessingway (a necklace, book, candles and readings) I didn’t have to worry about a thing as Lisa handled it all for me.